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Thursday, 08 April 2010 01:57


Gayatri Pariwar Sydney Australia is involved in many religious and cultural activities. Our regular activites are listed below. In addition, ask Gayatri Pariwar Sydney also conducted a unique Ashwamedh Yagya, site in October 2005 in conjunction with Sri Gayatri Group, for world peace and prosperity.


(1)  Gayatri Mahayagya

(2)  Celebration of Vasant Panchami, Gayatri Jayanti and Guru Poornima

(3)  Conducts Youth and adult camp during  summer


Gayatri Yagya/Deep Yagya are performed on first Sunday of the each month at 4:00pm ( time and date is subject to change),
at our Parijans home

In addition, Gayatri Pariwar performs religious rituals:

1. Punswan Sanskar: This sanskar involves asking Gurusatta for blessings towards a normal healthy pregnancy and birth. Furthermore, it reminds the parents of the duty of raising a child including maintaining a pleasant environment for the child’s growth in the womb. It should be conducted as early as possible, but after 3 months of pregnancy.

2. Namkaran Sanskar: A name is a characteristic which is attached to a person, throughout life. Hence, it should be given with rituals and through blessings of Gurusatta. Often this sanskar is conducted after 1 month.

3. Annaprashan Sanskar: The first time solid food is given to a child is the beginning of a life long journey, and there is a significant bond between the food eaten and the mental well being. Usually, this should be done after 6 months of birth.  

4. Mundan Sanskar: This sanskar signifies removing any bad sanskars from previous lives and instilling good sanskars for the present life.

5. Vidyarambha Sanskar: Education is a vital aspect of every child’s life and should begin with a sacred ceremony, where the child firstly learns to write Om and learns the Gayatri Mantra. This can be conducted whenever, the child is of learning age.

6.Janma Divas Sanskar (Birthday):

7. Deeksha Sanskar

8.Marriage Celebration: Marriage is a sacred bond, which should be made under the guidance of the Supreme Gurudatta.

9. Vivah Divas Sanskar: Every marriage anniversary celebrates the many years spent together and reminds the couple the promises made to each other at their wedding.

10. Satyanarayan Bhagwan Katha

Upcoming Events

April Program:

Gayatri Yagya: Sunday, 25 April 2010 at 4 pm in Hornsby.

Please note: Venues of these programs are not disclosed on our website. Please contact us from the Contact Us Page to find the venue of any of the above programs.


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